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How to Check if Your Gmail is Compromised

Posted: October 5, 2009
Difficulty: Very Low
Risk: None
Requirements: Gmail or Google Mail

By: FilePulse Staff

Here is an easy way to sign out of Gmail if you forgot to sign out of it while checking your mail at a public location or at a friend's house, for example, and to see if anyone has been accessing your Gmail or Google Mail account without your knowledge. At the bottom of the Gmail page, look just below where it says how much space you are using. Just below that, it shows you recent Gmail activity on your account. Click the "details" link.

When you click details, it will show you this page:

As you can see, it shows the last five locations (the IP address) where your Gmail has been accessed and the time it was accessed from a computer, cell phone, or POP client. If you forgot to sign out of Gmail at a public location, click the "sign out all other sessions" box and change your password if you want. If you see suspicious activity, then immediately change your password and password security question.

Suspicious activity includes seeing your Google Mail account being accessed from a mobile phone when your mobile phone cannot check e-mail and you haven't used anyone else's phone to check it or simply seeing a strange IP address that isn't your own when you only check Gmail from one location.

Because it only shows the last five times your Gmail was accessed, malicious activity may have been bumped off the list by the time you check it, but this is still a nice and easy way to see if your Gmail has been compromised.

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