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Useful Web Site Links

Microsoft Download Center
Official web site to download updates, patches and packs for all Microsoft products.

Google Apps Status Dashboard
Did you know Google has a service status page? If you want to know if Google search or Google Mail is down just for you or if its affecting everyone, check this page first before you bug all your friends asking them if Google is working for them.

If you do any shopping online, FatWallet is a must visit site to help you earn cash back for all of your purchases. Once your cash back clears (usually takes a few months), you may request payment via PayPal or paper bank check.

QuickRewards Network
Same as FatWallet, but doesn't seem to give as much cash back. However, they do credit your account very quickly (usually within a few business days) and there is no minimum to cash out to PayPal. You can also cash out via Amazon gift card and there are other gift cards as well. They've always paid me within 24 hours of cashing out. Highly recommended.

One of the oldest and best places to import video games, movies, music, and toys. Their selection of items is huge and the customer service is great.

Next Generation Portable FAQ
The most commonly asked questions about the PlayStation Portable 2.

PlayStation 3 FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Sony's expensive game console.

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